We had completed a detailed analysis for why COVID was a hoax but deemed it unnecessary because at the end the day the figures simply don't stack up, as the links at the bottom of this page will verify. Since March 2020, all we are left with is but a strong flu-like seasonal epidemic. There were more deaths from seasonal flu in 2000 and 2015 than “from covid” this year! The rest is malfeasance, psychosis and propaganda.

You have to stand well back from COVID and take the symmetry of the BIG PICTURE covering the operational activities of the ENEMY over the past 120 years. The ENEMY declared it's intentions in 1900, objective, a One World Government (Cecil Rhodes). Since this time they have worked assiduously to bring it about. We, HUMANITY, are currently sitting in a psychologically induced vortex of isolated bewilderment whilst the ENEMY has surrounded us on five fronts and is about to move in for the kill.

Our illustrious quisling leaders have openly declared, in unison, across the world, that its time to 'BUILD BACK BETTER', which signifies the coming of the GREAT RESET (2021), all leading to the ENEMY's intended destination, a NEW WORLD ORDER - total subjugation and control of the human race, which will ultimately culminate in 90% of us being killed off (surplus to requirements) and the remainder converted to trans-humanised slaves to tend to the needs of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

With the destruction of the Global Economy (it's been running on 'empty' for some time now), where will be the jobs to support ourselves and our families?




COVID has the ENEMY's DNA and fingerprints all over it. The incredulity factor, the intense and detailed planning, it's global coordination and sustained propaganda narrative authenticated by their corrupt politicians, technocratic bureaucrats and scientists - just as with 9/11 and climate change.


 You must appreciate that the majority of scientists, since the end of WW2, rely on Government and Private Foundation Grants owned by the ENEMY. In 2018 three academics, disgusted with widespread incompetence, dishonesty and corruption in research, submitted absurd "spoof" papers to twenty leading science journals. They were written in gobbledygook, full of made-up facts and flawed reasoning. But most were peer-reviewed and published. Such has been the decline and abuse of science, by the ENEMY, in falsifying evidence in support of their agenda.


We are up against a criminal gang with a multi-trillion-dollar budget who spend years planning their every move. Just think of the complexity involved in arranging the 9/11 shut-down of the most sophisticated air defence system in the world over North America and the formulation of the subsequent cover story, which on close inspection was riddled falsehoods and discrepancies. The sheer guile and chutzpah behind 9/11 is awesome. 


COVID is no different, the empty hospitals manned by security guards to keep reporters at bay, the emergency hospital tents erected in fields and refrigeration units parked in hospital car parks for the dead - all of which were never used. The falsification of 'cause of death' certificates - everyone death was attributed to COVID. The threatening of Medical Consultants about speaking out and the level of censorship and de-platforming of all scientific and medical counter-opinion says it all. This is all a highly intense truth suppression exercise by the ENEMY.


They killed 3000 people at 9/11, do you think they would have triggered a global pandemic on propaganda alone, of course not - they would have had to arrange for the infection of many thousands of youngish people to give the virus credibility. How people tell you "it isn't a hoax, I know somebody who's gone down with it". How many of those walked out of the hospital 3 or 4 days or a week later? 


Such an exercise is well within their capability and calculated mendacious thinking. They have access to the worlds germ warfare laboratories and have tens of thousands of agents around the world, infecting a few people with a non-contagious virus would have been a relatively easy task. Note, they would not release a truly deadly, highly infectious, virus because it would have also knocked-out people who they rely upon to enforce their orders.


One cannot prove all this but it is the 'character' and 'behavioural' traits on display that give the game away particularly in regard to the scale and duration of their propaganda campaign. i.e the circumstantial evidence is so overwhelming in support of COVID being a complete set-up and hoax.



The WHO just announced COVID is NO more dangerous than flu  - SEE HERE

(This is what's known as covering your ass against future recriminations)


CDC  (Centre for Disease Control), the principle US Government Organisation responsible for covering the COVI pandemic, has revealed on its website, albeit well buried, that COVID doesn't even exist. SEE HERE for details.

German Neurologist On Face Masks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’ SEE HERE

And finally, should you still doubt that COVID is a complete hoax, refer to this article:

What Will the Future Look Like?


and it's the same story, in slow motion, all over again.