NWO for Evolutionary Progress

No Enemy could have bestowed such ruinous devastation on the world, over the past 120 years, without access and control over a CENTRALISED system. The obvious solution - DECENTRALISE POWER - JETTISON IDEOLOGY.




Single-core element of the Global Geodesic Network

Leadership 'POWER' structure emanates from the bottom up - bad guys and psychopaths will be filtered out a third of the way up at Constituency level. ULTIMATE RESULT,  NO MORE WARS FOR PROFIT or attempted GLOBAL TAKEOVERS.

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But How do you Decentralise a Centralised Structure?

You Can't - it's too entrenched and rigid a structure inhabited by a hierarchy that would sooner 'cut off an arm' than relinquish its Power, Authority and Privileges; that's why it has survived for so long. 


Breaking the IMPASSE

Thanks to the Enemy, WE NO LONGER HAVE A CHOICE - DECENTRALISATION is the only way we can Cleanse the Enemy from our SYSTEM and ensure they never rise-up to THREATEN us again. It also offers the most wonderful opportunity to build a new 21st Century Global Management System capable of completely transforming life on earth, i.e. we simply build a NEW model that renders the OLD one obsolete (Buckminster Fuller).

The New Decentralised Model

The INTERNET connects everybody to everything, but it does not connect people in a meaningful or natural way - connection is remote, not physical. Facebook, for example, may connect billions but the connection is 'virtual' and leads, in many cases, to people showcasing their narcissistic tendencies rather than fostering proper lasting relationships.

What do Humans Essentially Need?

Human beings are instinctively tribal but have psychological and biological limits to the size of the tribe they prefer to be a part of. Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology, found that there is a  limit of 100-200 people any one person can maintain stable relationships with. A limitation also extends to the size of effective groups versus ineffective groups. He found that effective communities tend to remain at between 500 - 2500 people. 

The human mind does not adapt well to a vast tribal group, and recoils from the idea of a "global tribe". The truth is, human beings function far better in smaller groups and they do not like to be forced into participating in any group, let alone larger groups. This may account for the feeling of isolation that is common among people who live in metropolitan areas. They are surrounded by millions of neighbours and perhaps hundreds of associates yet they still feel alone because they do not have a functioning tribe of acceptable size.


Globalist collectivism is simply unnatural.  People know it unconsciously, they know it is an act of force and oppression, and will invariably move to sabotage its false tribalism as they begin to see it’s true colours - hence the Enemy's need the construct it's Gulags.

So if the future model can satisfy the above criteria for optimum human co-existence we can expect to relieve much of the anxiety, misery, stress and loneliness, so apparent in Society's today. 

The proposed New Model could be described as a new form of Global Internet layered over the existing one but configured territorially to accommodate 500 - 2500 people in autonomous self-governing cells, called 'villages'. A server hub connects everybody in the village to a community interface that will be physical, not virtual. Villages will be connected to each other to form Parishes, Parishes connect to form Constituencies, Constituencies connect to form a Nation, Nations connect to the World.

Using existing communication infrastructure and the whole thing could operate through a 'smartphone'. Boundary lines will have to be drawn up but this, like any other boundary through the ages, will simply involve the drawing of an agreed line on a map.


The New Decentralised Model was formulated 15 years ago but lacked an underlying philosophy, thanks to Mr John Ward it now has one of unparalleled good sense.  

Should you wish to acquire further insights of wisdom,  J Ward may be found HERE




All revolutions fail because they attempt to change the system - not the structure. It’s like

changing the scenery on the back-set of a play as opposed to rebuilding the theatre.


Evolution on the other hand, aside from its biological interpretation, is defined as:


‘a process of gradual and relatively peaceful social, political and economic advance

Evolution is altogether more profound and permanent than a revolutionary ‘scene change’ because rather than being enforced systematically from the top-down, it starts with things like ’people’ who actually make up society - and then aims to take every cultural element into account from the ground-up. This means that, by definition, if those gradual actions taken are in accord with human’s natural anthropological inclinations, they are far more likely to be permanent. This process might be a series of concentric circles, but the overall trend over time is a straight line in the direction of a meaningful goal. 

What we are NOT DOING in the West is evolving the way we interact to produce something more broadly fruitful; rather, we lurch from one revolutionary extreme to another and just go round in circles.



This philosophical understanding is built into the NEW MODEL which has been specifically designed to facilitate an adapted version of Jeremy Bentham's maxim, i.e. ' WHAT WORKS BEST for the greatest happiness of the greatest number'. Bentham's GREATEST NUMBER would be unworkable under a CENTRALISED system because the world is a complex place and people would have an infinite number of ways of defining happiness in the context of ''WHAT WORKS BEST'. This problem will not apply, to the same degree, in the proposed Village/Parish matrix.

Intrinsic Potential of the Decentralised Set-up

70% of a village agree to try-out a new radical social initiative, early trials indicate certain application problems, so they either modify or abandon it. If it proved successful every other village in the land would either adopt or improve upon it. This basic approach would serve as a generator for human ingenuity, imagination and enthusiasm and transform our sclerotic CENTRALISED SYSTEM OF STATE.


Giving people Self-Determination over their own lives will engage ENERGIES presently lying idle or hopelessly under-utilised. The scope is infinite for changing virtually everything we presently consider immutable.


 for Evolutionary Progress