on the back of ignorance

It is difficult to assimilate the extent of the Enemy's activities particularly when they have control of the narrative upon which you base your feelings and beliefs. We have therefore included this page of reference links and notes that may assist in enabling you to gain a more rounded picture of what is actually going on

Do not feel ashamed or foolish for wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing, or committing oneself to voluntary house arrest,  it simply serves to demonstrate how powerful the Enemy's MASS INDOCTRINATION programmes can be.

We would strongly suggest you read this short article by Gary D Barnett entitled -

Virus Insanity: The Obvious Absurdity of it All.


 For some light-hearted but serious advice click HERE. 

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Gramsci's strategy

Since 1985 the Enemy has deployed a form of Psychological Warfare for breaking down Western Civilization. This tactic was adopted from the writings of Antonio Gramsci who believed you must first destroy a Nation from within prior to seizing it from without.


This is where all the PC, Thought Crime, Gender - Race - Identity, Woke, BLM, Extinction Rebellion, Statue Demolition nonsense originated (all initiated and paid for by the Enemy) - it was specifically designed to set society against itself by breaking down culture, traditions, established Institutions and Christianity from which we derive our basic moral principles. The European Union was created to achieve the same thing by breaking down borders, sovereignty and diluting culture through mass immigration. The Enemy adheres to a well-thought-out long-term strategy that goes unnoticed by the public at large.

Everybody should read this 'The Greatest Political Strategist in History' - It provides an excellent insight into Gramsci's history and strategy. It reflects the insidious nature of an Enemy that's been playing with Society's mind for the past 35 years. This document highlights how the so-called Metropolitan Liberal Elite have become GRAMSCI's chosen people - or what Lenin referred to as his 'USEFUL IDIOTS'.

It is interesting to note the Enemy's intended 1985 propaganda war was revealed to Intelligence Services in 1961 when Anatliy Golityn defected to the West from Russia (Russia incidentally is not the enemy - they are an agent of the enemy). Golityn even published a book called the 'Perestroika Deception' in 1995 outlining the complete plan for Western Social and Economic deconstruction - 94% of his predictions have since proved correct.


So why didn't our Leaders alert the public and take evasive counter-action?

The onslaught on the West is now primarily focused on America. Through a range of organisations, Round Table (1910), The Rhodes Trust (1902), Royal Institute for International Affairs (1919), Council on Foreign Relations (1921) and the Trilateral Commission (1973), the Enemy has progressively taken control of America. 

America's dynamism provided great profit and gave them an operational base to emasculate the rest of the world. However, from the mid-1970s, the Enemy has set out to destroy America, Economically, Socially and Politically. You cannot claim domination over the World with a strong and powerful America left in place. 


On the AWARENESS front, once you appreciate what TECHNOLOGY stands for and how it operates, everything happening in the world today falls into place. Click HERE to watch an excellent interview between  Spiro Skoura and Patrick Wood who's the world's leading expert on TECHNOCRACY, he conveys a complete understanding in simple clear language.






The global Capitalist System

has been set-up to fail.




“Having entrenched themselves into an unmovable power structure, the ‘Technocrats’ are killing off democracy, free enterprise and capitalism in order to implement the economic system of Technocracy known as Sustainable Development and the Green Economy. This is a resource-based economic system, unlike the free market of supply and demand, where both production and consumption are controlled by THEM”


Patrick Wood


Patrick’s latest (MUST SEE) video talks about how ‘Fauci looks to UN to rebuild the INFRASTRUCTURE of HUMAN EXISTENCE’


Patrick's TECHNOCRACY NEWS provides a daily update of the Enemy's activities. The world owes a tremendous debt to Patrick for his tireless work in promoting awareness about the evils of TECHNOCRACY, please donate generously on his news site above.


Don't simply accept what we say, write or think, do your own research and discuss the issues widely with friends and acquaintances. Deploy your 'critical faculties'. Admittedly you may find this advice difficult to follow because the Enemy's operations are impenetrably complex. We have, nevertheless, included a list of articles from our library that you may access HERE


For the sceptical amongst you, and there will be many despite Kennedy’s warning, we would highlight the fact that COVID had the Enemy’s operational fingerprints all over it. Taking a ‘big picture’ overview the Enemy has deployed a five-point vector offensive, as illustrated HERE. Note, these five separate and globally orientated vectors all converge at one ‘end game’ objective, the CONTROL and ENTRAPMENT of humanity. This is NO COINCIDENCE HERE, it had to be planned that way with, as Kennedy stated,  "a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match".

A further reference that sceptics might find relevant may be found HERE


We also include our take on the ENVIRONMENT and OVER-POPULATION issues, download HEREwhich have been effectively applied by the enemy to frighten and leverage humanity into accepting UN Agenda 21, aka NWO.


All FIVE VECTORS deploy the same old CRISIS > RESPONSE > SOLUTION  ploy. Sooner or later HUMANITY must catch on to how they are being played?





















Never submit to spurious testing or vaccinations

This will lead to ENFORCED VERIFICATION via micro/nano/tracking chip implant.


The Enemy is evidently setting up the Australian people, as a test and acceptance case, for compulsory vaccination. Watch this short video by Spiro Skouras on the subject.

The fact that Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are now blocking Expert Medical opinion or advice on COVID and vaccines indicates they are going all-out to keep the COVID AGENDA on track. 

Many say "I know somebody who's gone down with COVID", Given the Enemy's track record and ruthless efficiency don't you think they would have covered this evident weakness in the scam by infecting a few thousand middle aged people with a non-contagious yet life threatening virus made up in their germ warfare laboratories. The stakes are too high in this game for them to overlook such a potential breach in the pandemics credibility. 

Just watch this video, 'If Bill Gates was President' - you'll never wear a MASK again.


Attempt to steer yourself away from MSM newspaper and electronic media.

This particularly applies to the BBC, both their news and programs feature misdirection and perception management. We will in due course feature a list of trusted news, content and entertainment providers under suggestions of a neutral group of media experts.

Resist 5G. Don't purchase any phone or electronic accessory (e.g. the internet of things) that operates through 5G. 

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The scale of the Enemy’s deceptions are so big they displace any sense of scepticism in the majority who cannot reconcile there perpetration with falsehood. 9/11, climate (end of world) Armageddon and a global pandemic are accepted on the basis of what we are toldread or see


Given that the Enemy controls what we are told, read and see, in regards to the outside world, it follows that our thinking and beliefs conform with what the Enemy wants us to think and believe. What’s why so many people can be observed walking around in ‘open air’ wearing masks that are injurious to their health (re-intake of exhaled carbon dioxide).


WORLD POPULATION needs a  point of convergence, something

presently lacking, but desperately needed, at this point in time.





This will guide you to our initial CROWDFUNDING campaign, generating awareness costs money. Only give the smallest contribution if you are struggling. Crowdfunding registrations will be transferred to a secure database following this campaign.


We stick together, nobody or nothing can touch or harm us, but when we are alone and isolated, we are a sitting target - particularly when seated in front of a TV.



Given the Enemy's MSM will do everything in their power to block this INITIATIVE,  we must rely on a grassroots 'word of mouth' campaign. Please 'PASS THE WORD' to relatives, friends, colleagues and through all forms of social media. We've ALL got skin in this game, it's just a case of making everybody aware of the fact. if just one person tells five about this and those five tell another five, we would engage over 6 billion people by the 14th 'pass-on'.

Please display mini-posters in windows and any public viewing space and distribute flyers to your neighbour's. Printout artwork may be found HERE. We have plans to launch a more high profile campaign when funding becomes available. For now, we have to work with what we've got - 'PROMOTING AWARENESS' serves as our biggest defence against the Enemy.

He who fears he will suffer, already suffers, because he fears.


As our numbers rise, you will not be alone, our system will ultimately unite people within their respective communities. If we stick and hold true to each other we will be OK at the end of the day.


The Enemy can be expected, particularly as this initiative gains traction, to apply scare tactics, e.g. another COVID pandemic, a war in the South China Seas or a major catastrophic CLIMATE EVENT in the USA - they have the technology to do it. They will stop at nothing to stem our break-out for FREEDOM.


We intend to set up a real-time briefing channel that will provide news and analysis of all such events, so you won't be reliant on their epocryphal interpretation of events.

The Enemy will not release an all-out killer virus because it would knock-out their enforcement operatives who unwittingly do their bidding in keeping us under control  (police, army, intelligence, civil servants etc.). 

The Enemy's dependence on these  people represents their biggest WEAKNESS, refer to this diagrammatic illustration to appreciate just how vulnerable they are at this stage of the game. 


They will possibly detonate the Global Economy in early 2021. This will herald a GLOBAL ECONOMIC RESET and the imposition of a SINGLE DIGITAL CURRENCY - The ultimate weapon of MASS CONTROL and our biggest problem.


How do we resist them getting control of our money?


We need a solution* that will enable us to function independently of the Enemy's Global Economic Control System at point of CRASH and enable us to sustain economic activity in the transitional period between jettisoning the OLD world order for the NEW.

* Please submit solutions to our External Solutions Channel: